8138372741_b34b8904bf_oFriendships between women are some of the strongest bonds in all of humanity. There’s a reason that the friendships between girls are referred to as a sisterhood.  Girls can trust other girls to share their deepest secrets.

They trust each other’s opinions about fashion, hair, and makeup. They trust each other with much more important things than that, like relationships with significant others, education, and careers. When a girl is wrestling with a tough decision at 3 a.m., she’s not going to sleep until she hits her bestie’s speed dial and talks it out. She knows that the sleepy voice on the other end of the line is going to sit up and listen.

There’s a girl code that besties don’t cross. Help other girls in need. Girls take care of girls. Don’t go after another girl’s man. Don’t go after a man that another girl is thinking of going after. It’s all of these unwritten rules that allow girls to develop deep and lasting relationships that rival any other relationship in a girl’s life.

Cindy Jenks wanted to create a blog that celebrates the special relationship that only girls can have with other girls. Besides doing a makeover on each other or gossiping with their feet side by side in the pedicure bath, girls want to enjoy some entertainment girly-style.

Cindy dedicates this blog to girls that want to have fun. It’s a “no boys allowed” zone where girls can plan a special night out, a weekend trip, or a getaway girls’ vacation.

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