What are the best music streaming services?

With today’s technology, you can listen to music anywhere you go. Just choose your favorite music app, pick your artist or song, and enjoy your tunes. But with so many different apps now offering music at your fingertips through free mp3 download and streaming, which one is the best for you? Let’s explore a few of the top options.

Apple Music

Apple Music made its debut in 2015 and quickly became very popular. It features 30 million songs to choose from, and live radio all day, every day. There are several different plans to choose from, including a family plan in case you all want to listen. Download it from Google Play.

Pandora Music

Pandora is probably one of the most popular choices for portable music. Pandora can be attained through most any platform, and it even comes available in most newer vehicles. Despite the fact that it only offers about one million songs, it is still one of the top choices. Plans are reasonable and paid subscribers will be allowed unlimited song skips.


iHeartRadio is a popular choice for many because it is completely free. There will be ads, but hey … it’s free. Listen to over 1,500 radio stations and search for most any genre of music you desire, even talk radio. You can create custom stations through a catalog of 18 million songs featuring over 450,000 artists. You can even get iHeartRadio on your smart tv.

Google Play

Google Play music is available from your play store and offers listeners free music which can correspond to your mood, your activities, or whatever your popular genre is at the moment. Skip songs up to six times per hour. If you pay to subscribe, you have access to over 30 million songs, the joy of no ads, unlimited skips, and offline music. You can also create your own playlists and radio stations.

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is the place to go if you enjoy independent artists. They have the largest library of independent artists anywhere. Sound Cloud has the widest selection of songs available with over 125 million to choose from. Podcasts are available, and you can also check out SoundCloud Go which includes music from well-known artists, as well as the independent favorites you love.


Spotify is probably the best known and loved music streaming app. With over 30 million songs, playlists, video content, and podcasts, it has caught the attention of many a music lover. The regular services are free, but if you choose to enhance your listening experience, it will cost you about $14.99 a month. Students can receive a discount on the services.


Tidal is another streaming choice and claims to pay the highest royalty amount to its artists. The app is still not up to par with some of its competitors but is holding its own.


Tunelin is yet another app that offers over 100,000 radio stations with music, comedy, sports, and talk radio. AM and FM stations are also available. For a small fee of $7.99 a month, you can browse over 600 commercial-free music stations. If your interests vary from music to other listening venues, this may be the choice for you.

The music streaming apps list grows larger and larger. Finding the one that is perfect for you just takes a bit of investigating, reading articles, and listening to feedback from friends. Happy listening!