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Why Are Friv Games so Popular?

Friv games are a new phenomenon that has taken over in the last couple of years, but not everyone is fully aware of what the term means. The word itself, friv, in reality, may have derived from the word “Frivol” which does mean “to kill time”.

Friv games were originally created with children in mind, but later on became a fascination with adults who enjoyed the flash game sites. The number of visitors to friv game sites became increasingly popular on the internet, with many game sites across the board becoming even more wildly popular. The games themselves are usually small, simple, and have minimal advertising which has made them wildly popular.

What do the Games Consist Of?

Friv games are usually nothing more than small and simple flash games people enjoy playing. These games can include basic adventure games, packing games, zombie games, skill games, and the list goes on and on. There is a wide selection of small games to choose from people can play that has made them so widely popular.

Unlike big scale games like GTA or Ark: Survival Evolved, friv games do not require big system requirements in order to run on a computer. This can be true for basic, low-end laptops users only need for either doing research or working. Being able to go into a browser and just start playing a quick game makes friv games widely available to users both young and old. Not to mention with literally thousands of options available, users have access to a massive library of games to choose from.

The Choices are Endless

One of the biggest advantages to friv games is: players have instant access to a large library of games, the majority of them free. The simple flash games can be played on low-end hardware, are easily accessible, and with such a wide selection and genres there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. Players can try out new genres of games or move on to another when they get bored of one.

The added benefit is other than an internet connection and the hardware, playing friv games is completely free. Players don’t have to go out and purchase a console or hardware to play the majority of friv games. Most of the games can even play on common work computers and since the games are so easily accessible, they can be played virtually from anywhere with a computer and internet connection present.

Indulging in the Gaming World

Friv games provide an easy way for kids to indulge in the gaming world and for adults to find a nice distraction in a busy schedule. Friv games are incredibly unique in their design and many sites featuring them are rated secure and safe for children. The simple aspect of the games also means there isn’t a steep learning curve to learning how to play. The simplistic nature means adults and children alike can enjoy a few minutes or hours of playing games and feel satisfied from the experience. Friv games are popular among people of all ages and their simple nature has made them engaging for players across the board.