Tips for Building Your FIFA Ultimate Team

There are many ways to accumulate coins to spend on your team on FIFA Ultimate Team. After collecting FIFA coins to buy your favorite players, you will need to know what makes for the best teams. Here are a few tips to collect coins quickly and how to build a team that cannot be beaten.

Begin by Completing the Manager Tasks

When you start a new game you will begin with your starter squad. The first thing that you should do is begin working on the Manager Tasks. There are fourteen tasks that make up a basic tutorial for new players. This will show you how to arrange your players, explain to you how the chemistry system works, and shed light on applying fitness consumables. Each one of these tasks will earn you FIFA coins and new player packs.

Start With Easy Competition

If you have played previous versions of this game, you may need to get use to the new system. Play a few games in an easier difficulty level to adjust your gameplay accordingly. After you have completed a few matches try the single-player Starter Cup. This is set to an amateur difficulty level. Next, the Bronze Challenge Cup should be completed. This is set to a semi-pro difficulty level. All of these should be pretty easy for you but you will be able to earn some much needed coins and acquire some new players in the process.

Lucrative Apps

There is a Companion App and Web App available that allows you arrange your team while away from your console. You can tweak your squad from your phone and work on the Squad Building Challenges as well. EA will present you with free coins and player packs for using either of these apps.

Purchase from the FIFA Catalogue

By pressing the right stick you can access the FIFA catalogue where you can spend XP points you have earned on goal celebrations, historic kits, and more. Coin Reward Boosts are available from the catalogue that can help you earn coins more quickly. After purchasing a Coin Reward Boost it is gone forever, but you might as well take advantage of them as soon as possible. Coins are important early in the game and can help you replace unwanted players with better ones.

Loan Players

Also available in the catalogue is the ability to purchase players on loan. The better the player is, the more they will cost. You also will not be able to use the players for very many games. Save the best loan players for later in the game when you have a great team to go along with them. Cheaper loan players can fill in for players that you have lost due to suspension or injury.

Create Two Squads

Create two squads as quickly as you can to avoid problems associated with low stamina. Every player who plays in a match will lose stamina which reduces stats and makes them more susceptible to injury. Let the first squad rest and bring out the second one for the next game.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to collecting enough coins to purchase better players. Keep your players fresh and make purchases from the FIFA catalogue to aid your team.